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8 DIY Project Cars Faster than a Hellcat

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Dodge’s Hellcat powered lineup has set the standard for straight line speed. But what if you want to go faster than a Hellcat… without paying the big bucks for Hellcat? We came up with 7 theoretical project cars that we think could smoke a Hellcat Challenger in the quarter mile, and they’re all under $15k. We’re not saying they’re GREAT cars… we’re just saying they’d beat a Hellcat. Probably. This is the D-List!
Thank you to Diymike for sharing his Civic footage with us! Link to his channel:
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  1. Donut Media

    Donut Media

    Uukausi sitten

    Btw we saw that another channel posted a similar video this week, but before anyone asks, it’s actually because James hacked into their server and stole the idea along with their Runescape gold Just kidding, we usually shoot our videos at least 6 weeks in advance and filmed this all the way back in December. What would your DIY Hellcat Beater be?

    • TechnoR


      11 tuntia sitten

      @The Fire Shop yea you can smoke most stuff on the road, CAUSE IT FUCKING HAS A 427 WITH 2 TSUNAMI TURBINES

    • The Fire Shop

      The Fire Shop

      Päivä sitten

      My 94 short bed single cab F150 with a 351 stroked out to a 427 and twin turbos... that would blow the doors off most anything on the road and still have money left over from the $15k budget... but i had also picked up my 94 for $450

    • TechnoR


      5 päivää sitten

      nothing cause I'm 13 and have 60 euros

    • Cody Koren

      Cody Koren

      8 päivää sitten

      Meet me in edge w352

    • TTVLunaris Lupas

      TTVLunaris Lupas

      8 päivää sitten

      Stealing gold is wrong, plz don't do dat :(

  2. Omar Khan

    Omar Khan

    5 tuntia sitten

    imagine getting gapped by a snowmobile and what if the snowmobile flips?

  3. Budo Bašović

    Budo Bašović

    7 tuntia sitten

    Wait, Mitsubishi Eclipse ugly?! What?

  4. wow bam

    wow bam

    21 tunti sitten

    "I have a Dodge tattoo and ive never even owned a Dodge" Bro that had me laughing hard as fuck 😂

  5. TheGofercat77


    Päivä sitten

    Just buy a sport bike. It will always win.

  6. sc73aschenbrenner Aschenbrenner

    sc73aschenbrenner Aschenbrenner

    Päivä sitten

    Fox Body

  7. Kid Goku

    Kid Goku

    Päivä sitten

    how is ythis little... baby boy goinna beat a HELLCAT?

  8. Stephen Alexander

    Stephen Alexander

    Päivä sitten

    Never a word about the “terminators”

  9. Daniel Morrison

    Daniel Morrison

    Päivä sitten

    Surely everybody knows the fastest cars are hire cars 🙄🤷‍♂️

  10. Chris Lack

    Chris Lack

    2 päivää sitten

    I out sixty-footed the snot out of a hellcat in my megasquirted, cummins diesel 280zx. Then 2/3 through second gear he caught me and I got to watch him walk away from me in third gear. Still, it was a good time.

  11. Neo


    2 päivää sitten

    hold up Hitler was involved in making the bug? :D what

  12. Note Pad

    Note Pad

    2 päivää sitten

    also a 2.4litre crv because k24

  13. Roberto Olvera

    Roberto Olvera

    2 päivää sitten

    You guys are awesome!! I love dis channel !!!

  14. Skeeter Ahumada

    Skeeter Ahumada

    3 päivää sitten

    Do you change the front to wheels?

  15. Adam Korn

    Adam Korn

    3 päivää sitten

    Please do a Ramcharger video

  16. Mike Angelo

    Mike Angelo

    3 päivää sitten

    Jason on the snowmobile VS the Hellcat! Make it happen!

  17. Maddox Maddox

    Maddox Maddox

    3 päivää sitten

    Hahahahahaha geo metro sold for 709$ my golf gti 2 sold for 2000$

  18. SkaterKid406


    3 päivää sitten

    I got to the part where they said honda civic, then i left.

  19. joker reyes

    joker reyes

    4 päivää sitten

    What about the 97biuck riviera supercharged u think it would have a chance to beat the hell cat ?

  20. Happy Dude

    Happy Dude

    4 päivää sitten

    He put the S-10 on the list... Now I'm a subscriber

  21. Clay Trendell

    Clay Trendell

    4 päivää sitten

    Bring y’all your hell cats. You can choose which taillights you want to see. Twin turbo g35 or the twin turbo Supra. Bring 10,000 and you can choose.

  22. Kasper Hansen

    Kasper Hansen

    4 päivää sitten

    BMW E36 and E46?

  23. macario111


    4 päivää sitten

    Where on earth can I buy an MR2 for $3k

  24. Danny McCarty

    Danny McCarty

    5 päivää sitten

    After watching this...I'd bet the "likes" came from stupid people. Stupid people who are easily intertained by nonesense. People with dirty fingernails, see this video for what it is. Drivel, pure drivel!

  25. Tucker Waldrip

    Tucker Waldrip

    5 päivää sitten

    Da fuq?! How you got a Civic at 3k?! I've never spent more than 1500 for a running civic, but if you're swapping in a K20, you don't need a running car, so 200-500.

  26. Nick Osborne

    Nick Osborne

    6 päivää sitten

    more s10 videos🙏🏽

  27. Heffe Dirte

    Heffe Dirte

    6 päivää sitten


  28. Reyes K1ng

    Reyes K1ng

    6 päivää sitten

    Best choice: what you drive when ur wife in labor



    6 päivää sitten

    But still not as cool

  30. MrBakedDaily


    7 päivää sitten

    Can't afford s hellcat pfft.

  31. jalen yellock

    jalen yellock

    7 päivää sitten

    Dsm big turbo slick and awd Transfercase has left the chat

  32. Trent Shepard

    Trent Shepard

    7 päivää sitten

    Why do people hate hellcats so much 😂

  33. Kester Gascoyne

    Kester Gascoyne

    7 päivää sitten

    Now I cant afford a hellcat Lol

  34. Valerie Costello

    Valerie Costello

    8 päivää sitten

    I was the 50k likelmaoaoa 👍👍👍👍

  35. BimboWest


    8 päivää sitten

    I love my catfish 🥲

  36. Paul King

    Paul King

    8 päivää sitten

    "Youve only gotta win this race and you get your son back" baby boy. Choice!



    8 päivää sitten


  38. Sixth Lord

    Sixth Lord

    8 päivää sitten

    It port nitrous injection, stand alone fuel management system, naws fogger system, chrome polished muffler bearings, air to water blinker fluid cooler, and riveted floorplans...

  39. Sixth Lord

    Sixth Lord

    8 päivää sitten

    Same goes for a civic...ya know, I'm gonna just go back to ignoring donut videos... most of em are just explaining shit I learned before I even had a license. This is just stupid.

  40. Sixth Lord

    Sixth Lord

    8 päivää sitten

    You're not putting a busa engine in a geo for 15k... Materials alone probably, if you can everything yourself. And I mean everything, suspension, driveshafts, some type of axle to drive it. Cause front wheel drive ain't gonna do it, if that's what you were somehow thinking. This is definitely somebody who knows fuckall about really building a car, just using weight and horsepower to bench race a hellcat...

  41. Screwdriver440


    8 päivää sitten

    Shoppingcart: $0.25 Sidewinder missile: $14,999.75 Death: g-force

  42. Ron Slayton

    Ron Slayton

    8 päivää sitten

    Buy Hellcrate. Put in old pre-1980 Plymouth or Dodge. Bingo - Hellcat afforded.

  43. Ray P

    Ray P

    8 päivää sitten

    Cheapest way to beat a hellcat: buy any clapped out liter bike and go ham.

  44. Derealized


    9 päivää sitten

    I just parked next to an old geo metro earlier today. At a dollar general. Everyone hates them until gas is back up to over $4 a gallon then you can't find them anywhere, and mopeds are at least twice what they normally cost. It's like xbox or ps5 right now. Supply and demand sucks unless you're the supplier.

  45. Frank Murdock

    Frank Murdock

    9 päivää sitten

    I could not stand this CLOWN . If your serious about talking about up grading your "CHEAP SLEEPER" fine...but your attempt at humor is sadly only a distraction and funny only to 13 year old's struggling to escape the 4th grade.

  46. Khannell


    9 päivää sitten

    Swap the Geo Metro with a supercharger’d series 2 3800 that’s already mated to a 4T60HD transmission and throw it in the back instead of the front for roughly $5,000 and 225ish HP

  47. izfitz_


    10 päivää sitten

    My goal in life is to get my car paid off, engine swap my Altima and gap some challengers

  48. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

    10 päivää sitten

    A turbo honda can go faster than an hellcat cause thoose dodges are heavy as fuck

  49. DaddytechEnt


    10 päivää sitten

    *Porsche 918 with an evo motor, bigger turbo, bigger injectors, suspension upgrades (shocks, rims and tires) it's mid engine also but called "the poor man's porsche" ALSO an triumph TR7 with a boosted LS in it would do the trick, a mini cooper with a turbski on a LS 4.7L or a Honda S2000 with a super charged accord V6 in it or for that matter an MR2 with a 2JZ in it maxed out with a huge turbo or two those last ones might come in a little over budget but the others should still be well within range. also a Cadillac CTS swapped with an LS3 Would also do the trick. LOTS of options if you're brave enough to try*

  50. Joshua J Day

    Joshua J Day

    11 päivää sitten

    This dude is fucking intolerable.

  51. bruh bruhbruh

    bruh bruhbruh

    12 päivää sitten

    haven't seen an awd dsm for sale in ages

  52. Z Judah

    Z Judah

    12 päivää sitten

  53. Anthony Callahan

    Anthony Callahan

    12 päivää sitten

    still dont unstand why dodge named it hellcat?

  54. How Too And Hope

    How Too And Hope

    12 päivää sitten

    700r4 can only handle 300 horse my truck with 250 horse blows tree them like nothing so I rebuilt it with better clutch’s to handle 500 horse with a shift kit better go with a 4l80 there stronger

  55. apricity


    12 päivää sitten

    Why are there no Donut media decals on the black plastic trim around the pop up headlights on BoostedBoiz MR2? Did you forget to mail the decals?

  56. steve conner

    steve conner

    12 päivää sitten

    Built g body will be a good choice

  57. jitter


    12 päivää sitten

    I still want to Hayabusa swap a geometro.

  58. Ayy_Stanced


    12 päivää sitten

    1:26 wtf dude hahahahah im dying

  59. dbdan61


    12 päivää sitten

    This guy is so annoying, but I like the content itself. Always feel like I need to punch something after watching his videos.

  60. Marco Gonalez

    Marco Gonalez

    13 päivää sitten

    Bro 8.07-815 made my Fucken day!! 😂😂🤣🤣

  61. Drew Gene the third

    Drew Gene the third

    13 päivää sitten

    He did reference Nolan for the weight of the car 😭😂

  62. Say Yuh

    Say Yuh

    13 päivää sitten

    Imagine getting beat in a drag race by a geo metro

  63. franklin parker

    franklin parker

    13 päivää sitten

    Best choice: any car i drive when in late to work or my woman says come over

  64. Oscar P

    Oscar P

    13 päivää sitten

    You're forgetting something.... if you cant hook at the start of the race all that power is meaningless.

  65. Fred D

    Fred D

    13 päivää sitten

    we'll get there sooner the day we stop waiting in line behind piles of twisted steel junk & corpses on the highway

  66. Prawin Bashingam V.N

    Prawin Bashingam V.N

    13 päivää sitten

    6:14 James :u played yourself Me :*drake flashbacks* 0_0

  67. Thomas Aikens

    Thomas Aikens

    13 päivää sitten

    You listed a mr2 but not a Pontiac fiero I feel fiero would be a better choice

  68. Thomas Beshaw

    Thomas Beshaw

    13 päivää sitten

    what NO LS swapped miata??? is this even donut media???

  69. Sir brent

    Sir brent

    13 päivää sitten

    335i upgraded turbos for 7k easy

  70. paul revere

    paul revere

    13 päivää sitten

    I got a 1985 ford taurus wagon with stock hubcaps and roof rack....I'll take a dodge hell cat on....i rev my motor at red lights but they laugh at me thinking im not serous....😒

  71. Tooquic


    13 päivää sitten

    Hey, I love your videos... but why do you look like Eddie Monster in this one??



    13 päivää sitten

    Tbhbi live in the ghetto in Atlanta. There are ten year olds talking about “ I want a hellcat” simply because rappers from here talk about it in there songs. Honestly down here it’s like people lack originality everyone has a hellcat a charger or a camaro I’m will be the only person driving a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse 😂😂😂😂

  73. Canella Customs

    Canella Customs

    13 päivää sitten

    The most important thing in any drag car build: SWEET SWEET GRIPPPP FOR YA LAAAWWWNNNNCCHHH

  74. Lunsy


    14 päivää sitten

    None of these ideas would work. Maybe the s10.

  75. Joseph Czelusniak

    Joseph Czelusniak

    14 päivää sitten

    So get to building... I want physical proof..

  76. Simon Sallenhag

    Simon Sallenhag

    14 päivää sitten

    You Can actully beat a hellcat with a toycar, but youre gonna need a big shot of nitro.

  77. yourmom705


    15 päivää sitten

    Pretty sure you CAN afford a hellcat

  78. Boonjamin


    15 päivää sitten

    This list.. Whats faster than a hellcat. Literally anything.

  79. sumit bide

    sumit bide

    15 päivää sitten

    Where is supra man

  80. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    15 päivää sitten

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  81. Michael Beck

    Michael Beck

    15 päivää sitten

    The civic that beat that hellcat makes over 600 hp its turbo and is built. A 400hp civic will not go 10's. And as far as the s10 goes.. why waste your time?? Itd be cheaper to swap a iron block ls in it and turbo it. It amazes me at the bullshit this show comes up with.

  82. Devo


    15 päivää sitten

    Can’t wait to win the DODGE DEMON

  83. Joe Orton

    Joe Orton

    16 päivää sitten

    Twin turbo vr4

  84. TR TwinTurbo

    TR TwinTurbo

    16 päivää sitten

    Hayabusa=peregrine falcon for diving speeds up to 200mph. This was a nice budget friendly list of sports cars.

  85. mchawk315


    16 päivää sitten

    Sounds like Donut needs to do another project car with one of these and race it against Bruce.

  86. Kegan Wilson

    Kegan Wilson

    16 päivää sitten

    Just get a 800cc or build a 600cc mod snowmobile and you'll spank demons and hellcats all day. Just ride in the snow next to track or road 😂

  87. Hunter Quillen

    Hunter Quillen

    16 päivää sitten

    I've always loved metros, now they gonna be expensive. R.I.P

  88. Jesse Alcantar

    Jesse Alcantar

    16 päivää sitten

    Bro you just put a smile on my face bro first time watching your channel I’m hitting the subscribe right now. It was funny and Knowledgeable Bro you left out the Dodge shadow i used to have one with a big turbo it would smoke all sorts of cars

  89. Hybrid Specialist

    Hybrid Specialist

    16 päivää sitten

    Nah I would rather rent a Tesla to beat the Dodge Hellcat 😂😂

  90. Sultan Tuner

    Sultan Tuner

    16 päivää sitten

    9:46 jajajaja I love this guy 😂😂😂

    • Lolgan Saucey

      Lolgan Saucey

      13 päivää sitten

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  91. Classics030 FPS

    Classics030 FPS

    16 päivää sitten

    Love you guys, love your content. Keep it up and thank you for your hard work! Do you know how many arguments you've settled with your videos? :D

  92. Fernando Perez

    Fernando Perez

    16 päivää sitten


  93. Willy Wonka

    Willy Wonka

    16 päivää sitten

    93 geo metro was my first car. Paid 600 for it. Was a bit rough, but I loved that car😘 Oh that Camero, you mean the one that looks like a Chrysler Seabring? 🤣

  94. RickyGuterson


    16 päivää sitten

    I'm 13 seconds in and I still don't see a grand national grand prix gtp or 3800 fiero. That v6 Buick is a monster that needs to be talked about.

  95. SoCalXJ


    17 päivää sitten

    No N54 love :/

    • Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi

      Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi

      14 päivää sitten

      N54 HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!! ADD IN 2jz ge, you can throw a big turbo in it.

  96. Eric G

    Eric G

    17 päivää sitten

    Maybe it's just me but, your guys writing is getting steadily worse and worse. I used to laugh a lot when watching your vids... 🤷‍♂️

  97. FrankMeansTruth


    17 päivää sitten

    Awd honda swaps from crvs are insane too.

  98. Brad W

    Brad W

    17 päivää sitten

    What about my Tiburon? Can that beat a Hellcat?

  99. Al Mackie

    Al Mackie

    17 päivää sitten

    Who won the car?

  100. Dustin Meyer

    Dustin Meyer

    17 päivää sitten

    i can confirm that a 4th gen with a 200 shot, ss2 cam, converter (if automatic), some stickys with a soft launch saving the rear end will go 10s.... mid to low 10s